Teacher socioeconomic status, job performance and the academic achievement

Introduction Research suggests a potential link between teacher SES and student outcomes, with students from low-income backgrounds often facing achievement gaps. However, the nature and strength of this relationship remain unclear. This event aims to explore this complex issue by bringing together educators, researchers, and policymakers to: Examine existing research on the relationship between teacher […]

Global Cultural Exchange Program

Introduction Program: Organize a cultural exchange event where high school students, teachers, and professionals from different backgrounds can learn about and experience various global cultures. Highlight the importance of SDG 4 (Quality Education) and SDG 16 (Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions). Objective To foster cultural understanding and promote global citizenship among high school students, teachers, […]

Digital Storytelling Workshop for Teachers

Introduction Everywhere in the world, people have realized that improved education is the key to societal and global productivity, as well as personal and social well-being. However, many teachers in Sub-Saharan Africa are not meeting this standard. This is due in part to the fact that they spend the majority of their time at school […]

11 Best Edtech Tools for Teachers in 2021

“We are humans too,” a teacher mentioned, “we should be treated as one.” In her detailed talk: she emphasized that there should be tools to help teachers succeed in their jobs and personal lives. True. There should be tools to help teachers manage their time, mental and physical health, emotions, and creativity, and help them […]

Step By Step Guide To Transition From A Teacher To An Educational Analyst

Being an educational analyst is something of great benefit to your teachers. You become aware of your potential and will be well respected and appreciated. As an educational analyst, you are seen as the pillar of an institution. Because without policies, schools tend to lack the structure and functions that are necessary to provide educational […]

How Teachers Can Attain Financial Stability Using Free EdTech Tools

Teachers are a group of people responsible for equipping people with the skillsets to build and develop their immediate society, but more often than not, they end up forgetting to build and develop themselves most especially their financial life. Most teachers barely earn the minimum wage and find it difficult to feed themselves and their […]

How to Step Up your Career as a Teacher

Hands up if you’re that teacher that has spent more than 5 years in the classroom, yet you still long for opportunities outside your core.  Or you’re new in the teaching profession but you have a feeling that the career might not be just right for you.  Simply because it doesn’t meet your expectation of […]

How To Develop A Money-making Mindset as a Teacher

Can teachers ever become millionaires? Aside from winning an award or grant, I mean real millionaires. That’s me wondering, “how can I be a millionaire.” – when I was a classroom teacher. Point out to two millionaire teachers and I will drop my pen. And stop writing about this topic.  The teaching profession is incredible. […]

5 Easy Ways to Become an EdTech Professional

Are you one of the high performing teachers that still introduce themselves as teachers alone?  “Hi – my name is Gilbert, I am a physics teacher,” you say. But you use your smartphone timer when conducting a class quiz, you check the internet for resources and you’ve sometimes requested your students to do a quick […]

5 Ways Digital Transformation is Helping Education Organizations Grow.

You’ve been in the education space for so long yet you’re very distant from the impact you envisioned. Seems like the 3-year journey is taking forever. Scaling education – is the expansion and deepening of the educational impact of any community, situation, or world. It helps you reach more people in places you’ll likely never […]