Published March 5, 2023

Learning global trends is another way to a successful living and working conditions. When you learn global trends you feel great and accomplished.

In this post, you will learn about the 8 global themes that you can focus on as a teacher. But first, let’s understand what global trends are.

Global trends are the transitions or developments in a situation that affect or enhance different parts of the world.

Some of the global trends that relate to education are discussed below:


  • Technology and integration

Technology has made the education sector better. It should be a basic requirement in classrooms because it increases students’ engagement and motivation.

Technology accelerates learning and aids teaching by providing digital learning tools, online learning/teaching, and other technological services.

With the help of technology, you will be able to customize learning and create varying levels of support for your student. Making use of integration in the classroom helps you to achieve retention and engagement.

The integrated curriculum connects different areas of studies by cutting across subject matters and giving emphasis to uniting concepts. When you effectively integrate the curriculum, you increase the success of both you and your student in the classroom. The involvement of technology and integration verifies the idea that education is for everyone.


  • Asset-based approaches for evaluation

These approaches focus on both you and your student’s strengths rather than your shortcomings. It allows you to convey a message of hope and support to your student during a planned instruction that promotes mindset growth.

The asset-based evaluation involves more words and stories than numbers and evidence. It views variety in thoughts, culture, and traits as positive assets.


  • Global approaches to learning

This aids the development of education. The interest, curiosity, and determination you have for learning make you go beyond your vicinity, making research in every possible part.

These approaches include emotional, behavioral, and cognitive self-regulation which enables you to successfully navigate challenging learning experiences.

Learning is a complete process that enhances one’s knowledge and perceptions. As a teacher, you need to have the ability to understand the way your students think and learn.


  • Global mobility

Teachers and students move around the world to improve and expand their knowledge and skills.

Moving around the world will make you exposed and adapt to every situation. You will be open to intercultural differences, foreign language skills, flexibility of thinking, tolerance, and respect for others.


  • Increase in creativity

Creativity is the ability to cultivate new ideas with critical thinking. Innovation has led to an increase in creativity which brought about the creation of new knowledge.

As a teacher, you should be able to develop your student’s creativity in the classroom. Creativity motivates students to learn more and acquire skills.

When you think outside the box, you begin to look at things from a unique perspective. This can lead to the discovery of interesting ways or ideas.


Reasons why you should keep up with global trends


  • It encourages awareness and critical thinking.

Keeping up with global trends enables you to think deeply and make decisions or judgments that lead to a fruitful outcome.

Teaching your student how to critically evaluate their engagement with facts is very essential.

When you are globally updated, you will be aware of different nations and cultures including your environment, civic obligations, and rights.

To be globally aware is an opportunity for you and your students to know how everyday decisions in your lives can make an impact on people who live across the globe.


  • It increases your expertise 

Being up to date makes you an expert in your field, you will be globally informed. With this, your student will learn more from you, and your colleagues will confide in and look up to you as a leader.

The skills you developed through global trends provide you with many opportunities which can be of benefit to both you and your students.


  • Creation of effective learning environment

Global trends enable you to properly engage your students with the help of technology. This makes teaching and learning easier and more effective.

Now let’s get started with the 8 global themes you should consider learning.


8 global themes teachers should consider learning about


  • Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

These are also known as global goals. They are the collection of some interlinked global goals, designed to be a strategy to achieve a better and more sustainable future for everyone.

These goals are to enhance future global development for a successful outcome. They ensure the safety and well-being of both humans and nonhumans. This includes the provision of social amenities, security, and peace around the globe for sustainable development.

You should consider learning about these goals to implement them in the classroom not only for your student to benefit from but also it will be of use to you the teachers and the world in general.

Sustainable Development Goals are universal goals for everyone. Both you and your students need to learn about the world for you to be an active participant in the world you live in.

You can learn and explore these goals together with your students. Once you understand these goals, and why they are important, you will be inspired to make positive changes 


  • Human-centered design 

This is an approach to solve problems that are mostly used in design and management frameworks, to find solutions to problems by involving the human perspective in every process of problem-solving.

Human-centered design deals with user interface and experience. It focuses on designing for people which will not only be advanced but also acceptable.

When dealing with the human-centered design you should put in mind the user’s needs and satisfaction. It expands on the focus to understand how human capabilities and characteristics are affected by systems. 

Evaluation, testing, and reiterating processes will then be implemented to fit users’ needs. Human-centered design is an approach that enhances effectiveness and efficiency which improves users satisfaction, accessibility, and sustainability.

You need to have a clear understanding of human-centered design which you can use to improve your work in and out of the classroom.


  • Data analytics 

This Is the process of analyzing raw data to find facts and coming to a conclusion about a certain matter. This includes analyzing data for Insight and trends that involve the usage of various tools.

Learning data analytics is a very lucrative and essential thing to do. A data analyst is valuable personnel in every organization due to the skills they possess.


  • Technology for development 

This portrays how technology aids development. It is the overall process of invention, innovation, and diffusion of technology.

Technology plays a vital role in solving the world’s greatest challenges. It has contributed to the development of education and has improved classroom processes through automation. 

Technology also contributes to economic growth which brings about development in every country and organization.

Technological development in education ensures that the adoption of technology in classrooms is followed accordingly to achieve certain goals. 

So teachers need to know how to make use of technological tools and adapt to technological change.


  • Community mobilizing

Community mobilizing is the process of bringing together both human and non-human resources for appropriate distribution.

The purpose of community mobilizing is to strengthen community participation to achieve sustainable development and self-reliance.

Community mobilization encourages people participation, builds community capacity that identifies and addresses community needs, and empowers communities. It is a great way to develop social, intercultural, and interpersonal competencies for life.

Being a mobilizer makes you a key influencer in the community. You will be able to help youth and their parents to become aware of the career opportunities out there.


  • Policymaking

This is the process of formulating policies. It is the act of creating laws or setting standards for government or business.

Policymaking includes planning, evaluating, analysis, research, and demonstration. When going through general policy, you need to identify the problem, set an agenda, implement policy and evaluate the result. Policy plays a very crucial role in our daily activities and environment. It saves time by serving as precedents and aid in coordination, decision making, and development of organizations.

As a teacher, it is very beneficial for you to know how to go about policymaking. This assists in setting priorities in the classroom and also allows you to organize and maintain your class. Mind you, this is not only useful in the classroom but also outside the school. The way you set your policy matters when dealing with people. With policymaking, you can make your engagement flow smoothly.


  • Global citizenship 

Being a global citizen means you are aware of and understand the universe.  Global citizenship helps youth to build an understanding of world events.

As a global citizen, you have civic responsibilities to the whole world rather than just your community or country. You can help in making the world peaceful, sustainable, and fairer. When you expand your home, work, neighborhood, a school in the world community, you strengthen your global citizenship. 

For you to become a global citizen, you should be able to make connections with people across the globe irrespective of their cultures and nations. Learning about the world to improve your global citizenship is part of the thing you should consider. When you learn about the world, you may start discovering new interests and causes to explore which can effect change in a more meaningful way. 


  • Content for social good 

Writing content for the benefit of society at large is social good. You can make use of social media to create a positive impact on your community. You can make content that talks more about others than yourself. And also put into consideration the benefits others derive from your content.


Ways to can adopt global themes in the classroom 

  • Bring your experiences into the classroom

If you are opportune to travel across the globe to acquire some experience or knowledge, use it as a resource to educate tour students in the classroom.

You can decide to plan a trip for tour students, for them to get exposure and learn more about the world. Help your students understand that the world is much bigger than and different from your classroom.


  • Expand your lessons

By expanding your lessons, you should look for textbooks that specifically talk about global perspectives and use them while teaching your students.To get broader information, you can get this textbook from different authors around the globe.

You can compare global environmental issues in class, particularly in science class with another country. Make your class more informative by looking into social media trends for different cultures, perspectives, and experiences.


  • Bring in global stories 

Introducing your student to books that talk about global stories, allows them to be familiar with global trends.

Challenge your student to think globally and embrace cultures around the world. When they are familiar with global trends, they find it easier to deal with global issues. You can also encourage your students to ask other students about their cultures or how things are done in their schools.


  • Make global connections 

You can make connections with educators from different parts of the world. This can be done online through Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and other social media platforms. By doing this, you are permitting your student to know more. The information you get by making global connections with educators or overseas classrooms can be fed to your students which gives them the chance to learn globally.


When you are well informed about global trends, you are open to many opportunities. Keeping up to date is one of the things you should be concerned about because innovation changes everything, new things are emerging from time to time.

There are global trends that are related to education that you can adopt in the classroom to make teaching and learning less complicated. It is very beneficial for you and your students when you learn and make use of global. The 8 global themes provided in this article are some of the trends you should consider learning to enhance your success in life.