Published March 5, 2023

People struggle financially because they lack the profitable skills to improve their earnings. To break free from lacking sufficient money, you must find a way to earn more money. 

If you tie yourself to a job, there is a chance that you won’t be able to break the financial bondage. It’ll be difficult to become richer than your boss.

Besides, sticking to a job with no significant future profits will limit your income forever. 

As a teacher, up-skilling is a guaranteed path to scaling up your income. 

In this post, you’ll learn about the 10 profitable skills that you can learn in 3 months in 2022. 

Let’s begin.

For context, what is a skill?


What Is A Skill?

A skill is a physical activity that requires knowledge and training. This knowledge and training are put to use for a certain outcome or results within a given amount of time and energy. 

There are three types of skills

  • Functional skills

Functional skills or abilities can be inherited and developed through experience and learning. 

These skills include communication skills, writing skills, organization management skills, design and planning skills, repairing machines, etc.

  • Special knowledge skills

These skills are acquired through mastering a specific body of knowledge or information related to a particular type of work, education, or leisure activity. 

Examples are Human resources management, Accountancy, real estate brokerage, Information, and Communication Technology (ICT), etc.

  • Self-management skills

These skills are attributes or characteristics you developed in learning to cope with your environment. It makes you feel and be productive in life and your working environment.

Examples of such skills are problem-solving skills, Time management skills, stress resisting skills, dependability, etc.


Six Benefits Of Learning A Skill

Thinking about the time it takes to toggle between work and life balance, it becomes difficult to learn a skill. 

But when you realize what you’d likely lose if you don’t up-skill, your learning path becomes clearer. Below are some reasons why you should learn a skill.


  • It is a healthy process

Learning a skill keeps your mind and body engaged, this reduces stress and keeps your neural pathways active.

Boredom and depression set in when you’re idle. They make you think and react to sad experiences or challenges. And this easily destabilizes your physical and mental health. 


  • It makes knowledge remain relevant

Learning new skills updates your knowledge. You won’t be left behind as innovation changes ways of working. It protects your value, makes you exceptional, and gives you an edge over your peers.

As a teacher, when you learn more skills, you will be more favored and preferred than your colleagues who only concentrate on teaching. Your teaching experience will be more relevant and appreciated.


  • It offers motivation

When learning interesting skills, you will be motivated to quickly get up from bed and get started with your daily activities. 

New skills provide you the joy of having an interesting activity waiting for you after teaching. It gives you the zeal to perform better and keeps your mind away from stress.


  • It gives varieties of options to choose from

Learning new skills provides you with the options to choose from different roles or professions to advance your career and potential earnings.

It also gives you hope that the future will always be better. 


  • It promotes flexibility

When you learn new skills, you will realize you are capable of growth and change in your career. This creates job opportunities for you, you can decide to take on another career apart from your teaching.

If you are no longer interested in being a teacher, you don’t have to worry about what to do when you leave your job. All you need to do is replace your teaching career with your learned skills.


  • It boosts your confidence

Learning a new skill empowers and fuels your confidence. You will be proud of being capable of doing something. It’s an achievement that makes you feel assured and secure. 

It makes you bold and courageous, you can beat your chest and say “I can do it” when you excel in learning a skill.

So, what are those profitable skills you can learn in 3 months?


Now the;

10 profitable skills that you can learn in 3 months


1. Writing

Writing is one of the most profitable skills you can learn today. When you acquire writing skills, you find it less difficult to cope financially. Businesses, households, and even schools adore good writing.

With this skill you become a content writer, writing for businesses or organizations. Many businesses are looking for someone with this skill people with this skill are in high demand in the business world.

You can also become an author. An author earns very well these days, considering the millions of people with reading hobbies. As a good writer, you can capture the interest of your readers and be well appreciated. 

Learning writing skills is easier for teachers because as long as you can converse well and read well, writing is just a piece of cake.


2. Cooking

A good cook can buy people’s hearts. No one can do without food. It’s everyone’s basic need. Food is an everyday business.

Catering is one of the most lucrative businesses you can do. If you are well skilled in cooking, you are good to go. When you cook sumptuous meals, people will appreciate and patronize you for your nice delicacies.

Also, big companies sought professional cooks who would manage and prepare meals during corporate occasions, meetings, or even on a normal day. Imagine how well a big company can pay for a good catering service.


3. Communication

Learning how to communicate well is a very profitable process. When you have good communication skills, you develop good relationships with people and build trust with them.

As a teacher, you can engage your students and earn their trust when you have good communication skills. Not only that, you can build a good relationship with your colleagues and superiors at work.

There are job opportunities for you if you are skilled in communicating. 

For instance, in marketing, excellent communication skills let you see people better. It also improves your negotiation. Being able to convince people that what you are offering is what they need is one thing, getting them to buy is another. 

If you can attract more customers and increase sales with your communication skills, then you can look up an affiliate marketing business


4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This is the process of optimizing your online content to get to the top results of Google search of a certain keyword.

Being proficient in SEO has loads of advantages. Combined with good writing skills, you can provide companies with the service of helping them rank on the first page of Google search. 

People with this skill, a reason you want to learn this skill. You will be exceptional and in high demand.


5. Coding and cyber security

Learning how to code is also a very profitable process. When you learn to code, you have a clear understanding of technology. Your logical thinking will improve as well as your career prospects.

You can be a software developer with the skill, and there are other job opportunities too. Employers across the globe sought people with these skills.

Also is cyber security or cloud computing. The demand for cyber security skills is increasing day by day.


6. Graphic design

Graphic design is a visual presentation using photography, icons, and illustrations. This is also seen as the means to communicate with potential customers using graphics.

It is very profitable and interesting. Graphic designers are highly in demand everywhere. They create everything ranging from invitation cards, social media images, ebook design, souvenirs, logos, etc.


7. Tailoring and fashion design

Having these skills is also a good thing. The income you earn from sewing and designing people’s clothes is enormous. People never cease wearing clothes as long as life still exists. 

People are eager to try new styles and wear updated fashion wears. Tailoring and fashion design are among the top trending professions. So as a tailor and fashion designer, you will always be in demand in the fashion world.


8. Online advertising professional

Learning this skill is very beneficial, you can never run out of jobs. This skill makes you popular and well recognized on social media. 

You will automatically be an online advertiser, helping both private and public sectors run profitable ads so they can get value from their money.

And earning big as you do so.


9. Digital marketing

This is the process of marketing or promoting goods and services on the internet. When you learn this skill, you stand a chance of earning a potential salary or income.

This skill doesn’t take much of your time, and the versatility of this profession is increasing in the business world. A digital marketer is an important person in every industry, especially when this world revolves around technology.


10. Data science and analytics

Data analytics is a very profitable skill you can learn. Not only is it profitable, but it also enables you to build your career and cope with your environment.

You can use data analytics to improve your teaching experience or career as a teacher.

Data analytics provides you with the ability to get insights and findings from any field or situation. The scarcity of jobs is non-existent where data analytics is involved, and the job opportunities are enormous.



Upskilling is one of the best ways to keep up with your life. You can’t just depend on one particular job considering the country’s situation and how the world takes a new form every season.

To continue to grow, consider learning a new skill. It can never be a waste of time, the benefit will amaze you.